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Enviro Metsi realizes that complying with all the legislative requirements set out by the Department of Water and Sanitation while attending to the details of the day-to-day operation of a water purification or sewage treatment plant can be a daunting task. By allowing Enviro Metsi to take care of the MANAGEMENT of a Water or Wastewater Treatment Works provides the owner of the works with the peace of mind of knowing that a dedicated team of professionals is involved in every aspect of this vital function, thereby ensuring the optimal operation of any works.

This also relates to the BLUE DROP AND GREEN DROP requirements. Enviro Metsi can assist in the compilation, reviewing, updating or implementing

the various work-plans and documents required as part of these programs.  We can furthermore assist by supporting a Water Services Institution during these assessments.

Through regular PLANT AND PROCESS AUDITS, possible complications in the treatment process can be identified and rectified. At Enviro Metsi we have suitably qualified plant inspectors and assessors who ensure optimum plant performance of both water purification and sewage treatment plants. Years of practical experience enable Enviro Metsi to make practical recommendations

that will ensure the effective and efficient performance of the works.


South Africa, as the rest of the world, is becoming increasingly more aware of the need to protect our environment. Fortunately, numerous water and wastewater treatment processes exist specifically for this reason. There is however an enormous amount of pressure on the owners of water purification and sewage treatment works to ensure that the plants are operated and maintained at the highest possible standards to ensure its sustainable existence. This is where Enviro Metsi wishes to be of assistance.


How can we help you to protect our most precious recource?

Another very important factor that ensures the best possible performance of a water purification or sewage treatment system is the TRAINING of personnel.  Enviro Metsi believes that training is a powerful means of promoting the development of an organization and the individual potential of its employees.We provide both informal hands-on training and SETA-registered training to empower Process Controllers to keep on improving their skills

Enviro Metsi furthermore has a dedicated team of process controllers, registered with, and classified by, the Department of Water and Sanitation, who understands that it is essential to incorporate all aspects involved in the sustainable existence of any process.

For this reason we will OPERATE any system in such a way as to ensure peak performance of the water purification or sewage treatment system while ensuring the longest possible service runs of mechanical and electrical equipment through well planned and scheduled routine & preventative MAINTENANCE procedures, thereby minimizing unexpected breakdowns and excessive cost implications.