Some of our most recent projects

Enviro Metsi is continuously looking for ways in which to assist municipalities and other Water Services Authorities with the daunting task that they face when it comes to managing, operating and maintaining the Water and Waste water Treatment Facilities they are responsible for.

Water Treatment Skills Programme: Z ...

Water Treatment Skills Programme: Zanzibar, Platjan & Pont Drift Port of Entry

Based on the methodology used during the Lebombo Training Intervention, Asatico Civil & Construction approached Enviro Metsi to develop the skills of the Process Controllers responsible for the Water Treatment Works at Zanzibar, Platjan and Pont Drift Ports of Entry.

Project duration: 3 months

Contact Person: Lorenzo Nelson

Upgrading of the Grabouw Sewage Tre ...

Upgrading of the Grabouw Sewage Treatment Works:Design Supply and Installation of Mechanical Equipment

When Theewaterskloof Municipality needed to refurbish some of the mechanical equipment at the Grabouw Wastewater Treatment Works, Enviro Metsi joined forces with Circuit Water Engineering Equipment to execute the project.  While Circuit Water focussed on the supply of replacement surface aerators, we dealt with the refurbishment of two of the clarifiers at the works – an approach that optimised the strengths of each of the parties involved and provided the client with the best possible solution

Project duration: 6 months

Contact Person: Ryan Beswick

Management & Support of Wastewater ...

Management & Support of Wastewater Treatment Works within Drakenstein Municipality

Drakenstein Municipality required the services of a Class V Process Controller to assist with the management of the Paarl Wastewater Treatment Works and oversee the operations at the Wellington, Saron and Pearl Valley Works.  Enviro Metsi not only provided the municipality with the services of a Plant Manager, but also assisted the team with the compilation of Standard Operating Procedures, the implementation of Record Keeping Systems and the refinement of their Reporting Systems

Project duration: 9 months

Contact Person: Ronald Brown

Water & Wastewater Treatment Skills ...

Water & Wastewater Treatment Skills Programme: Lebombo Port of Entry

In order for Process Controllers to operate a Water Services Works in an efficient manner they need to understand the basic principles behind the processes utilized at these plants.  This is exactly what Enviro Metsi aimed to achieve during the recent Training Intervention project for Multinet Systems. During this project one of our Training Facilitators provided the Process Controllers with theoretical background training relating to the functions they need to fulfil on a day-to-day basis.  This was based on selected Unit Standards from the NQF2: National Certificate: Water and Wastewater Treatment Process Operations   In order for this knowledge to turn into practical skills, the theory was then followed-up by hands-on coaching on the plants where these personnel are employed.  

Project duration: 6 months

Contact Person: Nikki Labuschagne 

Buffeljagsrivier & Helderstroom Pri ...

Buffeljagsrivier & Helderstroom Prisons: Repair, Maintenance and Operation of Water and Wastewater Treatment Works

The Department of Public Works is the registered owner of a number of Border Posts (Ports of Entry) Hospitals, Police Stations, Prisons, etc.  These facilities are typically located quite a distance from the nearest town and therefore needs to be self-reliant in as far water- and wastewater treatment is concerned.  In order to properly operate and maintain these Water- and Wastewater Treatment Facilities the Department, as and when required, makes use of Contractors to assist with operation and maintenance related tasks. 

The Buffeljagsrivier and Helderstroom Prisons in the Western Cape were some of the facilities where this approach was followed.  As there was a significant portion of structural repairs included in the project, Botes & Kennedy Manyano acted as main contractor while Enviro Metsi came on board as specialist subcontractor focussing on mechanical repairs as well as the Operation and Maintenance of the upgraded plant.   

Project duration: 4 years

Contact Person: Gavin.Rigby, Aurecon (Consulting Engineer)

Plant & Process Audits and Water Sa ...

Plant & Process Audits and Water Safety Plan Update for Breede Valley Municipality

As part of “best practice” –principles a number of Water Services Authorities still use the principles provided by the Department of Water & Sanitation’s Blue Drop & Green Drop Programmes as guidance when it comes to the management of their Water- and Wastewater Treatment Systems.  One of the Water Servicers Authorities who aim to maintain the systems, policies and procedures implemented as part of the Blue Drop & Green Drop Programme is Breede Valley Municipality.  It is then for this reason that they awarded a contract for Plant & Process Audits as well as the update of their Water Safety Plans to Enviro Metsi

Project duration: 3 months

Contact Person: Saskia Langner

Professional Consultancy Services f ...

Professional Consultancy Services for the establishment of Blue Drop Requirements for all Department of Public Works Water Treatment Facilities

Enviro Metsi formed part of a consortium of consultants who, under the banner of Nyeleti Consulting (Pty) Ltd, worked on ensuring that the Department of Public Works (Northern Cape & North West Regions) also engaged with the Blue Drop Programme and implemented the principles and systems that forms part of this programme.  The project included site visits and the compilation of documents and plans that would assist the Department of Public Works in meeting the requirements of this programme as well as the hosting of workshops to train the Department’s officials on how to ensure the sustainable implementation thereof  

Project duration: 6 months

Contact Person: Phuti Sekoaila 

Drinking Water Quality Management P ...

Drinking Water Quality Management Programme for Stellenbosch Municipality

Even though Stellenbosch Municipality has an extensive Operational Monitoring Program, Compliance Monitoring is outsourced to a SANAS –accredited laboratory.  As part of this Water Quality Management Programme, Enviro Metsi is involved  as subcontractor to CSIR: Stellenbosch.  The project comprises sampling of key points throughout the Stellenbosch municipal area, ensuring data is captured on the Department of Water & Sanitation’s IRIS –system as well as the compilation of monthly Compliance Reports to the Municipality  

Project duration: Ongoing

Contact Person: Bradley Dyers